Fund Me Friday: Nightmarcher #1 – Burning Man, Rorg Of The Blood Swamp & Urizen Zero #1

Here are some of the latest comic Kickstarter projects with digital reward tiers!

Nightmarcher #1 Burning Man

In this story you will follow the Nightmarcher as he resurrects a fallen soldier of Hawaiian decent then we experience the challenges that they face after this resurrection.

This comic series will be full of fantasy and myth’s right from Hawaiian Lore as well as my crazy mind. You will also be taken to actual locations on the island of Oahu and may experience a different view or perception of these areas based on the stories that I will be providing.

Digital Reward?
$20 gets you a Digital Copy of Nightmarcher #1 emailed to you, a Nightmarcher Collectors Pin, your name mentioned in the MAHALO section of Nightmarcher #1, a thank you art print by Shun Pactanac and a postcard print of three new upcoming heroes to be revealed


Rorg discovers a spiked golden helm in the mud after a chance encounter with an ogre. After he dons the helm he is overwhelmed and nearly killed by the power and apocalyptic visions transmitted into his mind. The helm itself is endowed with unlimited power – and all the baddies of the Blood Swamp want a piece of its power. Rorg pushes his physical limits facing head-on: cannibals, evil wizards, cultists, giant monstrous boars, and barbarian queens while trying to save the world from the reign of The wicked Godhead.

Digital Reward?
$5 gets you a digital version of the comic.

Urizen Zero #1 The Comic Book

Urizen Zero is an extensive adventure of mystical medieval lore created first as a video game for the PC that prolonged into more than 5 years of solo production, and amounted to a world full of magic, and a tale of sinister war. Urizen Zero is a unique adventure, with the mystic atmosphere of a realm yet undiscovered.

In a world afar, in the cold regions of Urizen a kingdom stands without a king. It was prophesied that a mighty star would fall from the sky and the trek for warmth from a small tribe would lead them there…and behold from an egg a new alien born king would be born. But trouble lurks around the corner for our new king and the world of Urizen.

Digital Reward?
$6 gets you Urizen Zero #1 PDF and Game

The Urizen Zero #1 in PDF comes with an activation key for the game – Urizen Shadows of the Cold Deluxe Edition.

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