Reviews: Champions, Moon Knight, Nova, Unstoppable Wasp & The Unworthy Thor

Champions #4, Moon Knight #10, Nova #2, Unstoppable Wasp #1 & The Unworthy Thor #3

My thoughts on some of the latest digital comics from Marvel Comics

We discover the who and the how and the why to the Champions plane being brought down last issue – and it all seems to fit well. The team are all playing to their strengths well and we have some genuine teamwork in this issue. This is the sort of issue that really helps to strengthen the team dynamic. All the characters have a job to do and it works out really well. The continuing banter between them all also works out well. I love the art and styles of this series and this issue is no different! It looks like there may be a new member next issue too!

This issue is quite interesting as it looks at the childhood of Marc Spector and where these other personalities all started from! This interspersed with the the ‘present day’ where Marc is acting as Moon Knight to first save his friends soul from Anubis and then take on Khonshu – so we have an end game, and there is some small items to do before we get there!

Rich Rider has returned and it seems that something isn’t quite right. We’re not getting too much in the way of details on how he returned, but it seems like something has followed him. He and Sam take on this cancerverse mass, and just about defeat it. After that Sam takes Rich on a tour where he sees he isn’t the young ‘New Warrior’ any more – there are younger heroes who don’t know much about him! Rich also sees what Sam has found what is left of the Nova Corps too (very Green Lantern like!) Then it’s off to Nowhere in space where the reaction is very different – right up until the end (although I still like Cosmo) This was an interesting issue, which is still setting up the main problems for Sam and Rich…

I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time (Maybe because Jeremy Whitley has been going on about it for the last two months), but I must admit that is an excellent, fun read. We get a good introduction to this new Wasp and her powers and her history in a well told story. The art is excellent with some fun panels and some nice big battle scenes. I especially like the cut-aways detailing the tech. This is a great read and not only did I love it – my daughter did too!


Excuse the mess!

Thor the unworthy doesn’t seem to be doing too well in his quest to get his hammer back – and in parts he doesn’t seem as worthy. We also still don’t get any hints as to what was said to him to make him so. The cast of this mini series is also growing and there seems to be many people after the hammer of the Ultimate Thor. We’re building up to a big battle here!

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