Review: Lumberjanes #35

Roller derby!!!

This was quite a mellow issue of Lumberjanes as they prepare for their Roller Derby! Jen gets roped in quite quickly, and the panels where she shows her delight when she thinks the Lumberjanes are doing something normal is excellent – as it is when she realises that there are Yeti and Sasquatch involved. She does like rules though, and the fact that she is to be the referee helps.
Meanwhile we get a crash course in Roller Derbies – and it’s a nice training montage with the ‘Janes teaming up to take on the Yeti.
We get the first couple of rounds and it looks like things are so far, so good – but this wouldn’t be a Lumberjanes comic without something going wrong – and that happens in the very last panel, so it looks like we will see the outcome in the next issue.
I really enjoyed this issue as it all works and fits together nicely – the camp all in on it too!

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