Reviews: Daredevil, Doctor Strange & The Punisher

Daredevil #17, Doctor Strange #17 & The Punisher #9

My thoughts on three of this weeks digital comics available from Marvel Comics


A new arc starts here called ‘Purple’ and I expected some sort of Purple Man battles going on, but no. What we do get though is the beginning of the story as to why everyone seems to have forgotten that Matt Murdock is Daredevil.
In this confession we see the problems Matt has with his now public persona being outed. Attacks by the likes of Typhoid Mary don’t help, and then there is the effect of his life as Daredevil. Now his name is known, it doesn’t help his vigilante role – people he attacks can sue him personally! So Matt looks for a way to make people forget – in this case he tries magic (Doctor Strange) – no, cosmic power (Silver Surfer) – no, and finally the Devil – via Damion Hellstrom, but Matt doesn’t want to go the ‘brand new day’ route.
This all leads us nicely to the Purple, which I’m not giving away, but it did send a shiver up my spine!
i enjoyed this issue and the amount of cameos was really well done – the art style flits a little, but the last panel was pretty creepy!

Magic is seeping back into the world, and that brings with it all the problems that Doctor Strange as Sorcerer Supreme has to deal with. On top of that, wong is missing – we know why, Misery has him and is looking to get her (?) own back on Doctor Strange for what he put her through!
In between Misery’s plan being enacted, Strange has to deal with Nazi ninja Vampires for Man-Thing (is punching Nazi Ninja Vampires OK?)
I liked this issue as Strange seems to be stressed out with his day-to-day role of protector of magic in the earth realm, but he really wants to find Wong.
In the end it seems like Strange has a lead, with Misery looking to attack Strange with his past of cured brain tumor victims!
Next week – Thor! (Why, I don’t know!)

There isn’t any Punisher action in this issue – in fact he only features at the very beginning and the very end. That’s not to say there isn’t any action at all in this issue though as we have Agent Ortiz dealing with her kidnap by Face.
Doped up and powerful, Face is starting to lose it as the drugs eat away at his brain. He still has enough together to capture and attempt to eat Ortiz though. Ortiz is no damsel in distress though and is resourceful and works her way loose. Yes, she gets a bit of luck as the drugs take hold, but there is some excellent parts here. Now, as she and Frank make their way into Canada, it looks like it’s all going to kick off.

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