Reviews: Day of The Dead, Red Agent, Spirit Hunters & Van Helsing Vs Frankenstein

Day of The Dead #1, Red Agent #3, Spirit Hunters #4 & Van Helsing Vs Frankenstein #5

My thoughts on this weeks digital comics from Zenescope Entertainment


Mary from the Grimm Fairy Tales series features here in her own mini series. It’s quite a gruesome beginning, but it sets us up with the villains of the piece for the series – in a few short panels we get the villains and what they want to do!
We get a brief rundown of Mary as she looks to avoid the villains. We get a good look at her powers and what it takes away from her. It’s quite a fast moving issue which finishes on a good fight scene which leads us into the next issue. We’re in the fist issue of a 6 issue mini series, and we don’t get all the answers of the series, but there is enough building up into the theme of the series!

Issue 3 of Red Agent in this maxi series – 12 issues – gives us a wet introduction, with a new highborn causing problems for the ‘normal people’ of the GFT world. This ocean based villain takes out a ship with extreme prejudice! Meanwhile, Britney and her team are mopping up another operation…
Red Agent gets involved as it turns out that the ship was carrying a drug that can inhibit highborns’ powers. There is the question as to why this was being produced and a short answer, but then we jump into the action!. Things don’t go right to plan, and there is a problem with recovering the drug – the aforementioned highborn. When we get to the end though there is a scene that links to the rest of the series!

We get a nasty ghost in the very first scene of this issue of Spirit Hunters. This issue doesn’t feature the whole team, but there is still a lot going on. They are checking out a newly opened prison, which was opened a long time ago. This is supposed to be a mission to see if there is anything residual – prisons being a place of violence!
When they get there they discover that some prisoners have gone missing, and Ellen uses her powers to get to the bottom of it. There is quite a lot of time in the spirit world, and it works really well – especially when you get some of the new rules!
This issue builds well on the potential larger story, while giving us a good single story!

It all comes round in a circle in this issue as we finally get the final battle! We also get some sort of explanation, and it makes some sense when you really look at it. The commentary from Van Helsing works really well, as we understand her thoughts, and her doubts. This really shows in the epilogue! The action scenes are really good – especially with the addition of Hellchild, who moves fast and gracefully!
This has been an interesting mini series which builds on the Van Helsing mythos!

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