Reviews: Evil Heroes, GFT Steampunk Alice In Wonderland & Van Helsing Vs The Mummy Of Amun Ra

My thoughts on this weeks digital comics from Zenescope – including two new series!


This penultimate issue gives us a lot of information – the origin of these gods and why one of them seems to be helping. This issue gives us a lot and builds us up to the final issue to come. I like the fight scenes and the way the EVIL Heroes fight back – the deck is still stacked against them for the final issue as Chaos just wants to destroy the world – scorched earth! I do wonder if we are going to get more about the gods origins though – or perhaps that is something for a follow up series. There’s betrayal and heroics here, and they are very well done – especially the reactions to it. I especially liked Chaos’s reaction to having the trident thrown at him!

This is an excellent one-shot, it does have a question mark at the end, so there is perhaps the chance that we may see more of this Steampunk version of Alice (the Grimm Fairy Tales one!) Starting off in the traditional vein, Alice is an inventor, and she just wants to create – her mother on the other hand wants her involved with society – things don’t go well and Alice finds herself in different version of Wonderland. Techo-mutants with a genuinely creepy Cheshire Cat she eventually meets the Mad Hatter. There is a different version of the Queen and what happens to the King is also very interesting. I enjoyed the art and the pacing of the story was really good. I could have been decompressed a lot and made into a mini series, but it works well!

A new Van Helsing mini series, and this one goes the route of The Mummy. This one seems to have some links with her past as Van Helsing in the past is covering some of her fathers old tracks – this time to Egypt!.
In the present day though, we get some attacks on a museum, whil Van Helsing is dealing with a Wraith attack on a punk band. Van Helsing is clearly having trouble after all her adventures – and she’s throwing herself into her work – including “pulling a Locksley” i.e. getting involved in the non-supernatural work. This brings us in a nice circle to what may have happened in Egypt.
This was a good introduction, new readers should have no problem getting into the character and this is another example of the mini-series that Zenescope do so well!

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