Previews: Doppelganger, The Wicked Righteous, Go West, make mine INDIE, The XII & Creators

Here are the comics available from Alterna Comics this month.



$1.99, 24 pgs, Full Color, Mature, Horror
Digital Comic
(W) Jordan Hart
(A) Emmanuel Xerx Javier
A timid computer engineer named Dennis Zimmann gets his life turned inside out after a car crash leaves him with a concussion. Believing that he’s hallucinating as a result of his head injury, Dennis really starts to lose his grip on reality when an evil version of himself begins to torment him.
Available on comiXology



$1.99, 24 pgs, Full Color, Young Adult, Action Thriller
Digital Comic
(W) Terry Mayo
(A) Lucas Romero, Chris Hall
(L) Brandon DeStefano
This next instalment of The Wicked Righteous picks up right where the explosive first issue left off. Lucas and his group find themselves cornered by the deadly Horsemen and are forced to put their trust in the mysterious Cross if they hope to make it out of the wastelands of San Diego alive.
Available on comiXology


RELEASE DATE: March 16th

$1.99, 32 pgs, Full Color, Young Adult, Action Thriller
Digital Comic
(W) Garrett Gunn
(A) Saint Yak, Sean Forney
(L) HdE
With the help of old allies, Slade and Lillian lead an all out assault on Creep and his men.  Hell bent on revenge and blinded by hate, can Slad surive the encounter and stand triumphant?  Find out in the bloody and skull-splitting conclusion of GO WEST.
Available on comiXology

make mine INDIE #4

RELEASE DATE: March 20th

$1.99, 104 pgs, Full Color

Digital Magazine

Featuring news, reviews, and interviews with some of the best indie comic creators on the planet.  Learn more about the diverse landscape of indie creators out there and discover your next favorite comic!
Available on comiXology, issuu,


RELEASE DATE: March 23rd

$1.99, 24 pgs, BW, Mature, Action Thriller
Digital Comic
(W) Patrick Trahey
(A) Luis Suarez
(L) Magnus
After bandits raid their farm, Caleb and his family reluctantly decide to travel the “Dead Roads” that lead to the ruins of Chicago (now known as the Sacred City) in an attempt to survive the impending winter.  But as they traverse the barren wasteland, they quickly realize that their safety will come at a price — perhaps the ultimate one.
Available on comiXology


RELEASE DATE: March 30th

$1.99, 40 pgs, Full Color, Young Adult, Sci-Fi/Action
Digital Comic
(W/A) Michael S. Bracco
As Morgan gets closer to regaining her powers at any cost, Maya and Roxie advance their plan to free their Creations from the secret areas of the Creator Academy.
Available on comiXology

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