Reviews: Biff to The Future & TMNT Universe

Biff to The Future #3 & TMNT Universe #8

My thoughts on two spin-offs of main series out this week digitally from IDW Publishing


Biff’s lead up to the events in the alternative future in Back To The Future II continue here, with Biff getting his fingers burned in Hollywood. It’s an obvious ploy, with Biff getting pulled in by a “Producer” who promises him the world, but doesn’t deliver! Although it’s obvious from the get-go, it is is fun to read – especially when he discovers that he has been taken for a ride. I like the cameos in the issue too – Like The Duke! There is the links to his soon-to-be wife too, and that looks like it is going to happen next issue as he returns home….

The adventure with Metal-Don finishes for now, and it seems like Donatello is taking this whole thing hard. And who can blame him. There’s a bit of him inside Metal-Don. The brothers team up to help and there are some nice points showing the differences in opinion between them all. Nevertheless they let Donnie lead. The ending is left open, in more ways than one, so there is some aspects that I look forward to in the future!
The history of the Ninja continues (to be concluded next issue) and the mix between the text of the history and the modern images gel together really well!

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