Reviews – Cinderella: Killer Princess, Grimm Tales Of Terror & Robyn Hood: I Love NY

Cinderella: Killer Princess #3, Grimm Tales Of Terror Vol 3. #3 & Robyn Hood: I Love NY #10

My thoughts on three digital comics out this week from Zenescope


The penultimate issue of Cinderella: Killer Princess is a gory montage of Cindy killing everyone I can think of in the current GFT worlds. I say worlds as Cindy is now flitting between dimensions, Oz, Wonderland and one too horrible for even Cindy. All the characters get dispatched – some are done quickly, alomost as an aside, and some are more drawn out. All are different and lead up to the one that Cindy wants – Robyn. Right up to the end, next issue will be interesting!

Stories with kids like this always disturb me. Even before I had kids!
This was an interesting issue, as the kids are downright creepy and in your face with it, but I liked the pacing and all that went on with it all. The ending is a little different to what we’ve had before, but it all fits in well. I also liked the father/daughter dynamic that is in it all too!
Next issue – Clowns!!!

Things start to come together as Robyn begins to learn who is after her and why. It all seems to be linked to the “Child Of Darkness” prophecy, which is interesting and I wonder who would want to have a claim to that!
First off though we get Robyn dealing with a doomsday cult who are using a highborn to create a storm. It features some nice flashbacks to Robyn’s youth and her mindset going in. It’s finished off well and I like the NYPD’s reaction to her as she finishes her job.
It looks like next issue is Robyn’s investigation into who is after her, as they have hit close to home….



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