Reviews: Day Of The Dead, Grimm Tales Of Terror & Hellchild: The Unholy

Day Of The Dead #2, Grimm Tales Of Terror Vol 3. #2 & Hellchild: The Unholy #4

My thoughts on the three digital comics from Zenescope this week!


Mary Medina starts to gets some answers – she also gets some help too. Things do pick up for her, but there are some surprises. I like the new character, and he reminds me of a character from X-Men, but he’s got some good powers to boot. Mary is still learning about her powers and it looks like she’ll learn a lot more in this mini-series. She’s an interesting character and this series is pitched perfectly for it – in terms of tone and location. The ending finishes with an interesting cliffhanger, and I can’t see a way out (under normal circumstances)

This issue of Tales Of Terror mixes a couple of different genres. First we get the sorority who are covering up and punishing each other for transgressions. Then the deaths begin – we think we get the gist of who is behind it all – confirmed in a nicely done flashback. Then the horror takes over and there are some nice scenes as they work out that something else is going on. It’s well done and the horror aspects are all in the head until the very end.
Next issue looks creepy!

Hellchild does a lot of thinking in this issue. She gets some information from Nestor and we learn the origin of Jezebel. I’m not sure we can trust this story yet, as we don’t know how reliable he is. Hellchild seems to have made a decision though and it seems like one she is going to follow through to the end. Next issue’s the penulltimate issue of the mini-series and we get an idea of how Hellchild feels after the Apocalypse storyline, so expect all types of hell!

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