Reviews: Bullseye, Champions, Iron Fist, Nova & Star Wars

Bullseye, Champions, Iron Fist, Nova & Star Wars


Bullseye’s attack on the Black Knife cartel continues, and there is a lot going on! Bullseye seems to have a plan, even when things seem to be going wrong for him, there is that little wink to the reader that shows that he is on top of it all. There is some massive fight scenes here, with Bullseye taking on the whole of the cartel in two big fight scenes. The first is absolute chaos and Bullseye seems to end up worse off from it all.
But he doesn’t – it’s all part of the plan!
Next up we get a good fight scene and chase through the town – which leads to the point that Bullseye doesn’t expect – his reaction is spot on!
Meanwhile the FBI and their team end up caught too!

The Champions and the Freelancers go head to head. Before we get to that though, we get a good scene in the police station. The team are trying to prove their innocence from the previous issue. We know they are innocent!
the smackdown of the Freelancers is a feelgood moment, with some excellent fight scenes!
That’s not the end though, as it seems the Champions now have another PR nightmare ahead!

The new tournament starts witha bang, and things already don’t look good for the Iron Fist. Danny is right to be suspicious of the Island – hidden and seemingly rooted in Kung Fu. Similar to the classic “Seven Capital Cities Of Heaven” story, we get to meet some new Kung Fu masters! The art is excellent, and I like Danny’s costume, as well as the fighting scenes. This looks to be another good story of a tournament and betrayal!

The Nova’s team up to defeat the creature from the Cancerverse, and there is some explanation from Rich Rider. It’s not a detailed one, but I expect that he doesn’t know the full story. Sam’s reaction to the creature is pure hero, and I like his reactions to his Mom and Neighbor helping. The ending was a nice twist, and shows that we don’t have the full story yet!

Luke isn’t the only one who learns a lesson here, as we get to the end of Yoda’s tale and the details as to what happened to the people on the planet – and the rock-people too! There’s not a hug amount of action here, but it is a good ending to the story and adds another layer to Luke and his learning of Jedi ways between the movies!

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