Reviews: Dirk Gently: The Salmon  Doubt, TMNT Universe & Night Owl Society

My thoughts on three digital comics from IDW Publishing out this week!


This issue is mainly Dirk reuniting with Sally. Dirk gets a good understand of where he is (alternate universe) and possibly why he is there. The crossover with the TV series works well, you can read this and get a good handle on all the characters and what they are all about, without watching the series. Although you should watch the series! There’s not too much action going on here, although that is covered by what we get explained to us.  It still continues to be pretty funny and I like some of Dirks’s comments about humans and relationships.



We also go into a vastly different realm with goblins, witches, fairies, scientists and cats!
Alopex and Angel are bonding in the woods and although they seem very chalk and cheese they seem to get on. Angel is trying to get her armour working, while Alopex is trying to get over being used. While exploring the woods and the lake, they get swallowed​ (?) And taken to a weird world. Initially I thought it was mutants, but it seems it is one of the same pantheon Rat King and the like are part of. The Toad Baron seems to be inviting, but there’s something wrong and after they have eaten the realise what – to be continued….

“What is a Ninja” concludes and it looks very nicely to the main TMNT series. We discover the storyteller and it looks to the modern day and the Foot Clan.


New series and we get a story about some school kids sneeking out and taking revenge on a local gang boss. That’s it? No, first we get some good introductions to the team and what has brought them all together – and who. It’s well told, giving us a good storyline and building up to the final pages.
I’m kicking myself for not seeing the twist at the end, as it seems so obvious on a second read, but I got really into the story and will be interested to see where the second issue goes!

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