Reviews: Spirit Hunters & Robyn Hood: I Love NY

Spirit Hunters #6 & Robyn Hood: I Love NY #11

My thoughts on two digital comics from Zenescope Entertainment out this week!


Although there was nothing here to build towards the bigger picture of the maxi-series, this was a passable story. It did feel a little more Scooby-Doo (only with an actual killing ghost), but the mystery was all worked out by discovering clues and interviewing people. I can’t hlp but think that this ghost would have fizzled out after the last attack anyway, as there was nothing more for him to do. As I say, passable, but not a strong story compared to some of the others.

Alina Rose and Robyn go face to face, and we get the reasons for why she is gunning for Robyn. The explanation adds up, but I think she may be confused about the whole ‘child of darkness’ thing. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work that way. This issue gave us a lot of action and covered some of the ground for the final issue next month. Alina seems pretty skilled, and looks to be a problem for Robyn – hopefully it is wrapped up in a satisfying way…

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