Spotlight: Hard Wyred

There's one more chance to re-connect.

Hard Wyred is a new cyber punk comic series developed by Ottawa, Canada creative crew Erik Bitmanis (writer) and Ross Zucco (artist).

A simple, adrenaline fueled action comedy in a high tech, complex world. What you would get if Guardian of the Galaxy’s Star Lord was uploaded to the Matrix instead of Neo.

While many cyberpunk stories are happy to hold a mirror up to humanity and reflect upon society as a whole, Hard Wyred is happy to take that mirror and bash it over the face of an oncoming virus monster! Hey, it was us or them. Gladly using the dystopian future setting that cyberpunk made famous, Hard Wyred does away with the navel gazing and instead infuses the genre with a jolt of fast quipping dialogue, seducing artificial intelligence, over-the-top action, and a stylish use of trench coats (okay, maybe the Matrix did the last one).  Guiding the way is our loveable, shoot first ask questions later anti-hero. He’s abrasive, stand offish, rude, ungrateful, and most of all… he’s a dick! Yet, as hard as his exterior might be, it is slowly peeled away one piece at a time revealing a soft, kind, and less dick-ish individual that will work his way into the hearts of all readers.


Cyber-attacks are par for the course on the online world known as “the Net”, but when one of those attacks is focused on a top secret research facility, people get worried. A down on his luck mercenary for hire named Sam Wyerznowski is brought in to remedy the problem. Sam wants nothing more than to redeem himself in the eyes of his long-time crush. The only problem being that the costs for this shot at redemption could be his undoing.

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