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Battlestar Galactica (#4-5)

There is peace between the Colonial Fleet and the Cylons, but calling it tenuous doesn’t even begin to describe it. Mortal enemies must fight side by side against a grave threat just to stay alive. Can this treaty be trusted and for how long? The Battlestar Galactica continues its journey through uncharted space… and its strangest adventure yet!
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Star Trek (#17-20)

The Grimm Fairy Tale Universe is no more! With many Realm Knights dead, who will stand against the Dark Queen? As darkness falls, new heroes must rise up and fight against an evil too powerful for most to overcome. The newest and darkest Grimm Fairy Tales series has arrived!

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Bloodshot Reborn (#16-18)
Best-selling writer Jeff Lemire (Old Man Logan) and superstar artist Mico Suayan open fire on the most controversial chapter of BLOODSHOT ISLAND yet. As Bloodshot momentarily gains the upper hand on the shadowy organization that created him , he may stumble upon the greatest secrets of the island…and his own haunted past!
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Star Trek (#17-20)

The  series focuses on the origins of the Enterprise crew in the new movie timeline, with a story overseen by STAR TREK writer/producer Roberto Orci! First up is Doctor Leonard “Bones” McCoy: find out how the cantankerous miracle worker found himself on a shuttle to Starfleet Academy with James T. Kirk!

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 Soulfire Volume 6 #2

Aspen’s premiere action fantasy epic returns in this new jumping-on point for new readers! Malikai has come to enjoy his life in the spotlight. Being the ward of a powerful titan of industry like Rainier will have that effect. But, something else is stirring in the air – some strange and unlikely forces are being drawn to him. Are they friends? Enemies? Both?

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Grand Passion #2

The surprising, funny, violent, and sexy tale of romance that comics have been missing! Doc’s a cop. Mabel’s a crook. They’re two wayward souls, fated to fall in love at first sight… even as Mabel swears to kill Doc if it’s the last thing she does.

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Kindred (#2-5)

The Kindred Crown͟: In the world of the vampires, there is a mysterious legend that hasn’t been spoken of for thousands of years. Lilith bestowed Cain’s crown with the stone with the power to change the world- the Divine Shard. This led to the rise of the thousand-year blood war between the two vampire clans- the kindred and the demon-touched.
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