Reviews: Hellblazer, James Bond, Lumberjanes & Samaritan

Hellblazer #10, James Bond Special, Lumberjanes #38 & Samaritan #1

My thoughts on some digital comics out this past week!


John and Mercury continue the quest to find the missing journal. In the meantime we discover more about the nature of the ‘genies’ and their powers. There is some interesting subtext about the nature of seduction and temptation, which may be a little too much on the nose, but maybe not!
We also get werewolves and and the appearance of an old ‘friend’ of Constatnine. john seems to be having some doubts about himself, but by the end, it looks like he’s getting his act together.

An excellent one-shot James Bond story which gives us some excellent history, as well as linking into the current political situations we now find ourselves in! This story mixes the Bond of the books and the movies really well. There is some excellent action, linked in with some of Bond’s classic tropes. I recommend you read the writers notes here

Parents day continues at the camp and we start to get a look at the parents of all the Lumberjanes. It’s a nice mix and the relationships the campers have with their parents are getting really fleshed out. I like the different styles and the Lumberjanes reactions to their own parents and the parents of others!
Things start to go wrong (as we expected) and now, what with monsters and attacking squirrels, we will get to see how the ‘adults’ react! This was a fast moving issue, and things look to continue this way!

Linked into the world of Think Tank, this issue does hark back to some stories that I haven’t read, but is not any weaker because of it! We get a good introduction and the setting is really well done. Combining the spy world, tech and politics we get a good beginning to a revenge story. The characters motivations are really well done, and the action scenes are well told. There are still many things to get into place, and many aspects still to make sense. A good beginning!

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