Reviews: The Courier & Red Agent: The Human Order

The Courier #2 & Red Agent: The Human Order #6

My thoughts on the latest issues of The Courier and Red Agent: Human Order from Zenescope


Things look bad for Eve as the primal’s attack continues, but she rapidly gets on top and sorts it out! Then things to be looking up – she gets the meds to their recipient and looks to be getting payed – one way or another. The problem being is that there are other things happening – power plays from the brother of the leader and things take a turn for the worst. although we can see this coming, it was well told with plenty of action and things going on. We’re not at the halfway point yet, so there’s plenty to be told!

This feels more like a standalone issue, and it’s only until we get to the end of the issue that we see the link to the larger Red Agent story. Otherwise it is an interesting read with Britney and Silk teaming up and working together well to rescue a captured mathematician. We get a new villain too – he has kind of a link towards the Order and Red Agent’s Ditto – so I’m sure we shall see more of him in the future. The ending is an interesting twist, and the betrayal seems a little obvious, so I’ll hold fire on that until it’s confirmed!
This issue was snow, next issue is fire!

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