Reviews: Back To The Future, Dirk Gently & Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

My thoughts on three digital comics from IDW Publishing



Back To The Future continues the story of Marty’s Uncle who is out of jail. Marty is confused – and sleepy as he is in his brothers room! And tensions get high the next day which results in his uncle storming out. Marty goes to Doc’s for advice, but funds him gone – but the professor is there. We end up going to the 70’s when Marty’s Uncle was arrested…

Things don’t go to plan and we meet a 70’s version of Doc and good mother? There is some good back and forth between Doc and his mother and I like some of the comments made!

Things end with an interesting cliffhanger as the delorian had gone missing and the duo are stuck – they still don’t know what happened to Marty’s Uncle!!!



We begin to get some answers, or connections in Dirk Gently. We find out more about this ‘World Between Worlds’ and why it was made – we also discover it’s purpose.

This is a quite serious issue, with Dirk really opening up – about his ‘power’ and his place in the world. We also get an answer to the why the series is called The Salmon Of Doubt!

There is some humor too – with or stupid soldier guarding the toilet like a hawk!

The issue finished with comic Dirk and TV series Dirk finally meeting!!!

More answers, next issue!



Hob’s risky plan manages to work out – kind of! – in TMNT

I like they way it all happened and there were some interesting surprises on the way! The team up of the mutanimals and the turtles worked really well and I think there is a grudging respect between the two groups.

I also like how the brothers seem to be getting in the same page, they don’t have the technical backup and now seem to be drifting further away from Splinter and the Foot Clan.

The agent from Black Wind also had some surprises too, and I’m sure when his wounds are healed (fixed!) Then he’ll be back with the access up his sleeve….


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