Reviews: Secret Empire, Doctor Aphra, Cable & The Punisher

Secret Empire #5, Doctor Aphra #8, Cable #2 & The Punisher #13

My thoughts on some of this weeks digital comics from Marvel Comics

There’s a lot going on here, we discover the name of the traitor in the underground Avengers team, we get a big rreturn (how is he back from the dead?) and a mystery of an old man! Combined with that we get the reasons behind why Thor is Cap’s Hydra team and also another return! I don’t know how welcome either of these returns will be, but this was a packed, interesting issue. Captain America makes some of the big decisions, with some big threats against the Mutant lands – with Beast taking the hint! It’s like a nuclear war! Meanwhile there is some nice bits with Ant-Man and the forces of Hydra (well, the big guns) are getting wittled down ever more in different ways! We’re halfway through, and I wonder what’s next!
This has been an enjoyable and interesting event!

The final part of the Screaming Citadel crossover wraps everthing up nicely. Aphra has a bit of a conscience after all! There finish was action packed and there are some nice character moments here throughout. the ending was well plotted and I like Luke’s reaction to it all. He is already recognising that the easy path is the wrong path (maybe not knowing that he is avoiding the dark path) The droids also continue to be good fun!
I like the twist at the end and it looks like this could be revisited in the future!

Cable’s jumping through time gets a bit of a back story. We discover how these bandit ronin get their tech, but we are still trying to get more information about it. This was a fast packed issue with Cable fighting back and getting a bit of his own way! It was well crafted, with some excellent action scenes. I like the little glint in Cable’s eye when he has a plan (no, I don’t mean the very big glint his mutant powers give him).
I’m sticking with this book for a while!

It’s good to see The Punisher back in New york. He seems to get a bit of a thrill seeing these people’s reactions to him! this issue deals witha missing gun from his arsenal (one of his many hidden ones I expect!) I like the build up to this as Frank goes through all the options and follows the trail!
the reaction of the school kid is excellent and the twist at the end of the tale is well done!

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