Reviews: Secret Empire & Star Wars

Secret Empire #4 & Star Wars #32

I really enjoyed this issue! I was a little worried when I saw Ultron was going to be used, but there were some really good scenes with him – he thinks he’s Hank Pym and is possibly the darkest character in the whole series! The reaction from the two sets of Avengers was well done, and now we’ve got a *spoiler* traitor in the ranks. I’ve seen some theories of who it may be and I think Joe Glass’s theory fits the best – although possibly too well. I’m not linking it, you’ll have to go to Bleeding Cool and look for yourself!
The interaction between Namor and Cap was well done. Namor will have his revenge at some point though! We’re not even halfway through and this feels epic!

This issue was mayhem, with Han being under the Queen’s controll, the murder droids seem to be having fun and the symbiotes that Aphra has has some past dealing with! I like the aspects between all the characters,. There is some really good rushed decision making being made- these may have ramifications later on for all characters, but they are working with the problems with the here and now! The murder droids are going to be a problem for Aphra going forwards and hopefully Luke will learn something from all this!
Next issue Luke is free!
But not totally!

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