Review: Tales Of The Fractured Mind

Tales Of The Fractured Mind is an anthology of stories aimed at breaking the stigma surrounding mental health.

Tales of the Fractured Mind features seven stories about mental health. The stories all cover different aspects of mental health.

The Persistence of Depression (Depression)

This story gives an amazing insite into depression – not just the words that are being said, but also the images. Dark, open, yet foreboding. The look into the mind gives an excellent insight into this. The mixtures of the art style and the locations set are excellent, making a moving kickoff to this anthology!

Clock of the World (Bi-Polar Disorder)

Delving into the mind again, this time with a different theme. This is a theme that I hadn’t thought of with B-Polar disorder (although it’s not something I am aware of). The colouring an style fit so very well with the machinery/time theme of the story.

Just Like Everyone (Body Dysmorphic Disorder)

This is a shorter story, but no less impact-full than the others. To the point, it covers what others think, what you think and what you can do to help those who need help.

War on Reality (Post Traumatic Stress)

this is a longer story, but it tells two stories really, the effects of PTSD and their causes. Also how they can effect others and how we all react differently to things. This is especially now as PTSD is still something we have trouble dealing with.

Our Song (Dementia)

This was a tough one to read, and I think it got to the heart of the matter really well. The repetition and the memories of the past really rang home. The addition of the song and the music really add to this story.

Mountaineering (The effects of gender dysphoria on mental health)

This was an interesting theme, and the story paced itself well – I liked the line about not needing help, just understanding. The colour palette also works well with this story.

Caitlyn (The effects of bullying on mental health)

Although short, this was a very good story, giving you both sides of the story with the bully(s) and the victims words. A stark warning.


Overall this is an excellent, moving anthology, which I highly recommend. It’s something that gives us a perspective over what others are going through, and that can only help everyone.


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