Spotlight: Heroines #1-4

Would-be superhero Marcy Madison tries to assemble a team of like-minded heroines by placing an ad on Craigslist. But the response she gets is far weirder and more dangerous than she bargained for.

Marcy Madison: Valedictorian at Columbia University. She has a few black belts. And she has a nifty superpower. Marcy’s got it going on, and she’s ready to do her part to make the world a better place. But will the New Sentrymen accept her into their team of superheroes?

Issue one sets us up nicely with the status quo. There are some nice big action scenes and the issue moves pretty fast. The set up is excellent, and I like the different characters and the way they are introduced! I really enjoy the mentions of those who are not seen – and the reasons they are not part of the team!
I like the art – it’s big and coulorful, and this adds some more when we get introduced to Stormcrow!

After being rejected by the New Sentrymen, Marcy decides to create her own superhero team. And it’s going to be all women. Since she can’t think of a better way, she places an ad on Craigslist. Of course she might get a few crackpots. But they aren’t nearly as unsettling as the real McCoy.

Issue 2 gives us the beginning of the recruiting – and things couldn’t be more different. We get three in this issue with one I’m not too sure about, is she on the level or not? Meanwhile we get a shady character who wasn’t actually invited, but making some interesting hints. Then there’s Raven – Stormcrows ex! There is a street level vibe about her, with some interesting points of view! I like the Catwoman/Batman vibe she gave off too. Things are escalating quickly, so it will be interesting to see where this leads!

Reaching out via craigslist to anyone who wants to be a superhero might not be the best way to contact superheroes. You know who you contact? Nut-jobs. Lots of cuckoo-crackers nut-jobs with major personal issues. Marcy begins to realize that this may be what a superhero is. And she may not want to count herself as one of them.

Issue 3 gives us some more tropes and there are some fun ones with it too! I like the henchmam/woman trope and this is well done here. Marcy seems to be having second thoughts along the way as there are some real weirdos out there. We get more action in this issue with ninja battles and super powers!. Next issue looks to have something too!

Marcy begins to doubt that the superhero world is one she wants to get into. But when she finds herself in the middle of a bank robbery perpetrated by none other than her childhood idol Thundergirl, she knows exactly who to call. But can a collection of crackpots and misfits become a superhero team in the midst of a crisis?

Things all click together in this final issue of the arc, and it looks to set up bigger and better things. We’ve got a real group now and they all have their differences! I like the way the whole arc is set up, and the epilogue sets up the future really well.

This is an excellent series and worth getting into!


Ted Naifeh

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