Review – Half Past Danger II: Dead To Reichs #1

Nobody talks about how many dinosaurs died in WWII.


Half Past Danger returns, and I’m glad to see it back. I love the first volume and am glad to have a (signed) hardcover of the first volume. It feels like forever since I last read some of this, and I have been bugging creator Stephen Mooney about more ever since he read it – hopefully there will be an equally amazing hardcover of this one.
Following straight after the first volume, we jump right into the action, but first – there’s a nice round up of what has already come before!
Tommy ‘Irish’ Flynn finds himself on an island while fighting the Nazi’s – he discovers (with his troop) that they are not the only inhabitants of the island – there are dinosaurs too! These dinosaurs are being experimented on by the Nazi’s so they can build a super weapon, Tommy teams up with American Super-soldier John Noble, and MI:6 agent Elizabeth Huntington-Moss as well as Ishi, a Japanese ninja! Over the series, we discover that the Nazi’s want to use the dinosaur DNA to make a chemical weapon and cause mass genocide. Tommy is forced to kill the dinosaurs, while Huntington-Moss seems to betray the team and make off with the research….
This is where we were left off and Tommy and John are still on the trail of the research, and things are not going well (Ishi seems to have left?) The get put back on regular assignments as they are not getting the results they need. Then at a party, they meet up with some old ‘acquaintances’

I love the style of this, this is what drew me to this series originally – the art and the tone really add to the feel of this, and there is a real international flavour, with Americans, Germans, Irish and the British in this issue (with more set to come I expect!) There is some exposition here, and some may feel it is a little heavy, but it is the first issue and has a lot of ground to cover, so I think that can be passed over. It’s useful for us to refresh and also see where we are now!

Art-wise, this follows on from the first volume, with some excellent pieces and action scenes. The pages flow really well with some nice angles, panning shots and action shots. The colours also add well to the feel, tight, but also feeling washed out – set nicely for the tone and setting of the book.

This is a nice re-introduction, which ends with a nice cliffhanger and sets us up for the series well. Get it from IDW Publishing digitally on IDW or comiXology or in print!

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