Reviews: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe & TMNT Amazing Adventures: Robotanimals

My thoughts on two TMNT based digital comics from IDW Publishing out this week!


Karai’s Path looks like it’s leading to trouble, with betrayal on the way! There is a lot of talk of honour and along the way we find ourselves rooting for Karai and her mutants. This is a learning curve for them all, and I can already imagine how this will link to the main series down the line.
I really like the art style, especially seeing how Bludgeon sees thing – it’s reminiscent of some portrayals of Daredevil’s sight, but something more, something different!
Koya’s challenge is something more, a demon and talisman, there is all action going on here, Koya is desperate, and this part shows it…

I thought that this final issue was going to be one pretty quick done-in-one fight scene, but although there was a long fight, a lot was squeezed into it. The TMNT, along with the other mutants attacked Stockman and his nano-bot infused mutants and there is a lot going on. Everyone gets a decent amount of time, and just when it is all over, Stockman goes one step further. So we get a good final boss fight and a good finish – both to this issue and the mini series!

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