Review – Robyn Hood: The Hunt #3

Part 3 of 6 and the hunt truly begins here. Robyn has got out of the high tech jail she has found herself in, but things are not plain sailing from here.

Kitted out with some basic tool and a map, Robyn is on her own – her mysterious companion has gone her own way. I doubt that’s the last we’ve seen of her!
We then move back to the prison and the fallout of the escape is being felt. Plans are made and the hunt is on. To make things worse for Robyn, many of her enemies have been ‘drafted’ to the hunting party!

We get a fair amount of speed in the next few pages, and the flow is just right as Robyn has her first skirmishes with the hunting party. The jungle makes a good backdrop to all the fighting, with the environment working either for or against Robyn.

This halfway point finishes with a nice cliffhanger – we know she will get out of it, but I will be interested in seeing how.
I enjoyed this fast moving issue, and hopefully we will start to get some answers moving on….

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