Reviews: Dance Of The Dead & Van Helsing Vs The Werewolf

Dance Of The Dead #1 & Van Helsing Vs The Werewolf #4

Some thoughts on two of this weeks comics from Zenescope Entertainment

Dance Of The Dead #1

The Shadowlands are a dark and mysterious place, filled with the most evil creatures that have ever haunted mankind’s imagination. Now Mary Medina finds her trapped there with no means of an escape, lured by a powerful enemy, into a deadly dance with the dead.

The mystery of the Shadowland starts to make some sense. Sure, there are questions still to be answered, but we do get a good idea as to the who’s (some of them) and the why’s (some of them too)
We get an adventure in a few parts – first there is Mary, who has tried running and doesn’t want to hurt anyone, she’s escaped the Order before, but was sent to this nightmare place when her and Robyn were caught. Then there is Jasmine – her story is told in two parts, there is the past where we learn her connection to this realm, the lamp and the mysterious Lord of it all. Then there is the present. This is where she and Mary are gradually led together!

The mixing up of the story worked well, although it was a little confusing at first, the flow of the story fitted well and made me want more. The art styles vary enough between the different areas and times well too.

A good #1 of this 6-part mini series!

Van Helsing vs The Werewolf #4

Liesel thought an army of the undead was going to be trouble until she comes face-to-fangs with a big bad werewolf. The heir of the Van Helsing legacy must battle the beast to save the life of a vampire? Martial arts meets monsters and magic as the series explodes.  Action, carnage and a fight to the death in a remote monastery at the top of the world. Chuck Dixon (Bane: Conquest) continues this epic horror saga to its bloody finish.

We get the first real battle with the Werewolf in this issue, as well as his secret origin and links to the monastery (I suspected as much!) This was a fast paced issue with some excellent battle scenes and Van Helsing tries to take the Werewolf down. She needs a little help though as the Werewolf is big and fast – a little worse than a “knife fight”!
Things move on and we learn about the man behind the beast – how he became what he was, as well as his link to the Vampires.

The addition of the Chinese agents are interesting for next issue, as are the Vampires plans – they don’t make much of an appearance in this issue, some in flashback and some in pieces….

The art continues to be excellent in this issue, with the dark and the snow really making for some nice panels!

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