Fund Me Friday: Lizard Men #1

A six issue comic book mini-series by Steven Horry, Catia Fantini, Chiara Bonacini, Ken Reynolds and Mira Manga

A new comic series kicking off on Kickstarter – details on the Kickstarter and a review of issue #1

Lizard Men #1 is the first chapter in a 6-issue mini-series to be published by Comichaus. Featuring 20 glorious full-colour story pages, it’s Doctor Who meets The Thick Of It meets The Rise & Fall Of Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars.


That front cover gives me a feel of the 2000 AD series ‘Zenith’.

This is a rock and roll issue, with shades of Zenith and Death Wish to it all. It’s easy to get into and draws you in quickly and nicely. The thought of a ex-degenerate rock star becoming Prime Minister is an interesting one. I like the bedding in process as Zamani enters Number 10!
Before that we get a good brief rundown of his life, his rise, fall and then to his eventual rise again!

Behind this, we get some of the mystery, those who are reall in charge. No lizard men yet, but their presence is felt and their agents are in place. The make Zamani an offer…

The art is excellent, with some fun scenes, and even some good action scenes. I like the colouring and the flow of the comic, it all seemed over so quickly!


Lizard Men is by:

Steven Horry is the writer of the ongoing Comichaus anthology strip Chalk, and was the artist on Double D (Image Comics), Transrealities (CoolCookBook) and The Islanders (Nasty Little Press).

Catia Fantini is the artist of the ongoing Comichaus anthology strip Chalk and has produced art for Advent Comics (USA), Red King Press (USA), ECV Press (USA), A. Taylor’s Galaxy Girl and in the indie italian label Damage Comix. – -

Chiara Bonacini was born in Reggio Emilia, Italy, loves penguins and coloring everything around her! Working as assistant for an official Disney’s colorist and a Bonelli’s one. She has worked for Mondadori comics and Sky and in the indie italian label “Damage Comix”.

Web Page:


Ken Reynolds has lettered for many independent publishers and creators, including Alterna, Markosia, Grayhaven Comics & Insane Comics. He is also proud to be part of the lettering team that completed the 750+ page epic that is ‘The Explorers’ Guild’ by Jon Baird, Kevin Costner and Rick Ross published by Simon & Schuster.

He also writes the supernatural adventure comic ‘Cognition’ and edits the experimental comic anthology ‘Sliced Quarterly’.

Mira Manga: Editor, writer and musician. Good stuff includes being front woman of now defunct bands The Duloks and Disco Pistol and writing the Cosmetics to Go* book for Lush!

I run a record label and write for my job, and I play D&D**, go to drag nights, gong baths and explore the countryside when I’m not doing that.

* Currently #342,819 in Amazon Bestsellers Rank: **13th level bard

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