This Week On comiXology: America, Happy! & Digital Comics Sales

Here are the latest digital comics, collections, digital exclusives and sales on comiXology this week

AMERICA #9 Sotomayor University falls to Exterminatrix! Just what does the domineering dean have planned for America's home base? With America in lockup, it's up to Prodigy to find out!
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New Releases
X-Men: Blue (2017-) #16
Star Wars: Jedi of the Republic – Mace Windu (2017) #4 (of 5)
Batman (2016-) Annual #2
Star Trek: Discovery #1
John Wick #1
Atomic Robo and the Spectre of Tomorrow #2
Mystik U (2017-) #1
Kill Or Be Killed #14
Old Man Logan (2016-) #31
Batman: Creature of the Night (2017-) #1
Eternity #2
Black Magick #9
New Issue ! Pathfinder: Worldscape - Red Sonja The unrivaled warrior Red Sonja must work with Cave Girl and King Rex to escape with a religious icon to use as a bargaining chip in the grim political war of the Worldscape! Shop Now
Graphic Novels & Collections
All-New Wolverine Vol. 4: Immune
Silver Surfer Vol. 5: A Power Greater Than Cosmic
Happy! Deluxe Edition
OrionÕs Outcasts Vol. 1
New Series! Glow #1
A coming of age story set in a world where magic catalyzed both industrial revolution and nuclear holocaust. Plus, read *Skies of Fire #4*, *Novae #4* and more new indie releases now! See All
Digital Firsts
Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins #3
Novae #4
Injustice 2 (2017-) #34
Rosalynd Vol. 1
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Image Black Friday Sale: up to 60% off! Read acclaimed collections from Image including: *Monstress*, *Snotgirl*, *Saga* and many more for up to 60% off! Sale ends 11/30. SHOP NOW
Valiant Cyber Monday Sale: up to 50% off! Be valiant and read Valiant with collections including: *X-O Manowar (2017) Vol. 1*, *Divinity II*, *Valiant High* and many more for up to 50% off! Sale ends 12/1. SHOP NOW
BOOM! Black Friday Sale: up to 55% off! Read best-selling comics and collections from BOOM! including: *Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink*, *Godshaper*, *Misfit City* and many more for up to 55% off! Sale ends 11/30. SHOP NOW
Spectacular Spider-Man Sale: up to 70% off! It's a Spectacular day for a Spider-Sale! Grab comics and collections starring the web-slinging wonder for up to 70% off! Sale ends 11/30.
Indie SciFi Sale: up to 66% off! Ends 11/30.
Marvel MAX Linewide Sale: up to 66% off! Take the savings to the Max and read comics starring the Punisher, Miracleman, Fury and many more with comics and collections for up to 66% off! Sale ends 12/11. SHOP NOW

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