Review: Grimm Tales Of Terror Vol 3. #11

Some thoughts on the latest issue of Grimm Tales Of Terror from Zenescope

It’s Halloween night and mysterious calls are flooding the local radio station of this small Illinois town. The calls had started out as playful pranks but quickly have escalated to strange and horrifying depictions of an alien invasion. Is this town really ground zero for Earth’s first true encounter with extraterrestrial life? Do they come in peace? Or is it just a well-thought-out hoax? Be sure to find out in this can’t miss issue!

I love that retro space-invasion cover!

Although we don’t get the retro aliens on the front cover, we do get some good old fashioned panic! An alien attack on a lonely road leads into something more as a radio broadcasts the whole thing!

The build up of the panic is really well done, with some nice scenes as the town tears itself apart. There are some amusing scenes, but mostly it is a very dark tale.

The hints are all there in the tale when you get to the end, and a re-read will make some sense!

I liked the art in this issue, with some crisp lines and some very good colouring!


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