Reviews: 30 Days Of Night & DuckTales

30 Days Of Night #2 & DuckTales #5

Some thoughts on two of the digital comics out from IDW – 30 Days Of Night #2 & DuckTales #5

30 Days Of Night #2

The town of Barrow, Alaska experiences an unexpected and brutal murder that is the precursor to much worse things? the reimagining of 30 Days of Night continues in an all-new and all-horrifying direction!

Steve Niles – Writer
Piotr Kowalski – Artist, Variant Cover Artist
Ben Templesmith – Cover Artist
Ashley Wood – Variant Cover Artist

Things are really ramping up here. And although the locals don’t know what’s going on, we do and that makes the suspense really good. There are some more horror aspects happening here, with a mysterious death and some strangers in town. They are converging and making their plans as the town’s transport and communication methods are being systematically taken away!

I’m enjoying the art and the pacing of this, the location and the style fit really well, with some excellent colouring!

It looks like we’re going to get the discovery and the first confrontation and then things are really going to kick off.

DuckTales #5

Uncle Scrooge seeks a fountain of youth, but when he discovers it isn’t quite what he bargained for, it’s up to Donald, Huey, Dewey and Louie to turn him back into his old self! And when Launchpad (Shockingly!) makes a mistake while flying, the next candidate to be Scrooge’s pilot is…?

Joey Cavalieri – Writer
Antonello Dalena – Artist
Marco Ghiglione – Cover Artist, Variant Cover Artist

In ‘Go, Go, Golden Years’ Scrooge is feeling his age, and it looks like there is someone to help him be spry enough to continue his adventures. Obviously things don’t go to plan and Scrooge is stuck going slowly, while everyone else seems to be moving at super speed. He may live for longer, but what sort of life?
This links nicely to the beginning of the story, and I like how it was all wrapped up!

‘A Series Of Unfortuneate Substitutions!’ follows with an injry to Launchpad, Scrooge needs a new pilot! Dewey wants to be that new pilot and learn how to fly, but Donald says that he can’t! We all know that he’s going to end up flying and the build up is ok for a short story!

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