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MONO: The Dark Hearts of Men, Episode One
MONO, the legendary ape-man hybrid and Queen’s assassin, returns in this all-new series available only on Madefire. Living in a self-imposed exile, an aging Mono is drawn back into action when a sadistic African warlord threatens the son of an old friend. Can Mono match the brutality of this new foe, or will he be another soul lost to ‘The Dark Hearts of Men”?
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MONO: The Dark Hearts of Men | Trailer
A late 19th century genetic experiment spawns an ape-man hybrid desperate to fit into the human world. Ultimately finding his heart with beasts, Mono, the legendary Queen’s assassin, is back in this Wolverine meets Bond action series now available only on Madefire.
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Microsoft Surface Studio, Madefire, and the Making of MONO
Go behind the scenes with Madefire co-founder Ben Wolstenholme as he shares the dynamic process that goes into creating and building his ground-breaking Motion Book, MONO. See how Surface Studio, Surface Dial, and Surface Pen play an integral part in bringing their unique storytelling platform into the digital world.
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Doomsday Clock (2017-) #2
DC and Watchmen characters collide at last! The story that began in DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH #1 comes to a thrilling and unexpected crescendo in the pages of this titanic twelve-issue series by the all-star team that brought you BATMAN: EARTH ONE and SHAZAM! In this second chapter: The Dark Knight discovers another relic from the Watchmen world. Lex Luthor pays a devil’s bargain. And killer clowns trek through Gotham seeking a madman.
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Detective Comics (2016-) #972
“FALL OF THE BATMEN” part four! Batman might have overpowered the Victim Syndicate, but they had one last surprise for him: a secret weapon that’s made one of his strongest rogues nearly unstoppable!
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Overwatch: Winston’s Journey to the West

To celebrate Lunar New Year, we’re settling in for a bedtime story beloved by people around the world—and at least one imaginative young ape from the moon. Captured in a breathtaking tapestry illustrated by SHISHIO, Winston’s Journey to the West recounts one of China’s oldest and most revered pieces of literature through the eyes of everyone’s favorite gorilla scientist.
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Action Comics (2016-) #995

“BOOSTER SHOT” part three! Time is broken, and Superman and Booster Gold are in over their heads trying to repair it! Meanwhile, Lois Lane confronts her estranged father—and Sam Lane now stands face to face with his grandson Jon for the first time. As Clark struggles to reconcile the truth of his own father, can Lois Lane do the same? — Joe
Planet of the Apes: Ursus #1
David F. Walker (Luke Cage) returns to the Planet of the Apes with artist Christopher Mooneyham (Five Ghosts) for a limited series about the franchise’s most notorious villain! General Ursus has always hated and feared mankind. Get a glimpse at his rise through the ranks to General and what experiences brought him to the Forbidden Zone.  — Joe
Injustice 2 (2017-) #40
Superwoman (2016-) #18
Jim Henson’s The Power of the Dark Crystal #10
Wonder Woman (2016-) #38
Barbarella #2
Harley Quinn (2016-) #34
Titans (2016-) #19
Archie (2015-) #27
All Star Western Vol. 1: Guns and Gotham


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Comic Previews

Digital First Preview: Lucifer’s Knight #1

March 31, 2020 Michael Nimmo 0

Action Lab: Danger Zone has a new series starting this week – Lucifer’s Knight. It’s a digital-first exclusive and available on ComiXology this week. Begin a supernatural action-adventure about high schoolers fighting demons in LUCIFER’S […]

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Dynamite Add More Free #1’s

March 31, 2020 Michael Nimmo 0

In addition to the issue #1’s Dynamite Entertainment have going free, they have now added a second wave of free issues.                  Wave Two: -Alice Cooper #1 -Barbarella #1 -Centipede #1 -Chaos #1 […]

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