Reviews: Robyn Hood: The Curse & The Black Sable

Some thoughts on two of Zenescope’s comics out this last week!

Robyn Hood: The Curse #2

Robyn is in California to solve not one but two mysteries. What’s going on with Sam Cavendar? Is she the Sam that Marian knows and loves, or an unspeakable monster from the pre-human past? And what’s with the string of bizarre murders that are leaving victims all over San Diego flayed of their flesh? Can the archer in Lincoln Green beat the cops to the killer? Chuck Dixon (Bane: Conquest) continues building this multi-layered urban fantasy epic.

I may have misjudged this series. I wondered if was going to be a duller afair that it is turning out to be. This is a good thing with the introduction of a mysterious benefactor as Robyn is in jail (a normal one, not a super-gladiator-for-highborns-one). There is some good action as well as links to the magic that Marian and Sam have done. Marian finally seems to realise what she has done, although Sam does not – her return adds some extra layers of mystery to the next issue, which I am looking forward to more now!

The artwork continues along well, with some contrasting colours depending on the scenes, which are varied and well done!

The Black Sable #4

Out of options and facing certain death, Captain Sable and her crew are forced into an uneasy alliance with their deadliest rival…the evil pirate Captain Blood! Blood agrees to help keep them alive that is, until they can lead him to the most valuable treasure in the galaxy.


Captain Sable and her crew seem to lurch from one problem to another, and this issue is no different! i like the build up in this issue, it’s a little low on action, but there are some very interesting meetings between people – as well as a traitor revealed! Captain Blood isn’t a one-note character and has been built up well, especially as from last issue, we know his history.

The threat of the sharks is very real and it looks like that is going to ramp up by the end of the series. We’ve still got two more issues to go, so I expect things to get worse!

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