Review: The Consultant #4

Some thoughts on the final issue of The Consultant

It all comes down to this! After last issue’s stunning reveal, Marcus’s house of cards begins to come tumbling down. On the run from both the FBI and his former clients, he faces life in prison if he’s lucky, death-by-superhero if he’s not. Experience the exciting conclusion of The Consultant!

Jason Sterr – Writer
David Maine – Artist
Simon Fraser – Cover Artist

The final part here and all the pieces fall into place! Marcus seems to haverecognised his mistakes and what is happening around him. He’s making his plans to get away – even throwing an FBI tail in a impressive way. I like the thought processes in this all and and build up is really well done.

There is also a nice link to the goings on in the World, with a statement made at the UN. I like the way that played out!

Marcus’s end is well done and well written, with the finish giving us something for a character who I’ve grown to like – in a twisted kind of way!

This has been a good mini series, with some nice art and good tropes too – “I hear Tahiti is a magical place” The set peices are well done, and now, if the team are willing there is a chance to tell a story in a similar vein from the other side!

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