Reviews: DuckTales & Back To The Future: Tales From The Time Train

DuckTales #7 & Back To The Future: Tales From The Time Train #3

Some thoughts on DuckTales #7 & Back To The Future: Tales From The Time Train #3

DuckTales #7

Left alone in the McDuck mansion, the kids face their most difficult challenge yet: Fooling a risk assessor from an insurance company! And to teach Louie a lesson about hard work, Scrooge shows him his latest investment: A Ghost Town!

Joe Caramagna – Writer
Antonello Dalena – Artist
Marco Ghiglione – Cover Artist, Variant Cover Artist

“There is No Place Like A Ghost Town” features Louie and Scrooge. Louie has been lounging around, working from his smartphone. Scrooge decides to show him what he thinks is ‘real’ work….
It looks like Louie isn’t learning, but some ‘ghosts’ maybe prove to both of them something. I like this fast moving story and the ending panel is a little different!

“The Stone Of Truth” features only the boys and Webby. Scrooge is off on a ‘medative retreat’. While they are at home, an insurance man knocks round to inspect the assets and Scrooge’s security. Obviously there is something dodgy here, but it takes some of Scrooge’s treasures to get the full story. this was a fun read, which I would like to see a longer version!

Back To The Future: Tales From The Time Train #3

Finally! Find out what happens to Doc, Clara, and the whole family after the end of the third film! Doc and family venture deeper into the 1939 World’s Fair as a case of mistaken identity leads one member of the Brown clan to unexpected luxury. Meanwhile, a pair of German spies have their sights set on Doc-but will he realize the danger in time?!

John Barber – Writer
Bob Gale – Writer
Megan Levens – Artist, Cover Artist
Philip Murphy – Variant Cover Artist

The adventures of the Doc and his family continue at the world fair. And things are starting to click into place. The dogs, the kids, the Germans and the Doc and his wife. It’s a good issue, with the action flitting between all of the main characters and moving quite fast. Everything is linking together well to a good conclusion. This was a good issue!

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