Reviews: 30 Days Of Night, Spider King & Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe

30 Days Of Night #5, Spider King #3 & Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe #21

Some thoughts on this weeks digital comics from IDW Publishing

30 Days Of Night #5

It’s an all-out attack as marauding vampires literally tear the town of Barrow apart! But will their bloody rampage be stopped short by a mystery faction?

Steve Niles – Writer
Piotr Kowalski – Artist, Variant Cover Artist
Ben Templesmith – Cover Artist, Variant Cover Artist

Things are looking bleak for the survivors. It’s pretty much carnage in this issue as the remaining humans work to get away from the vampires who are working their way around the town.
The town is pretty much overrun and the vampires seem to have the other hand.
Nevertheless there are arguments between the vampires and this may be a way out for those who are left. I like the way this issue was told and the art and colouring work well in this elongated twilight.
the last page sets up for the rest of the story, and is an interesting twist!

Spider King #3

This issue follows the Viking queen Sigrid as she attempts to assassinate Aarek the Wolf and prevent a catastrophic, intergalactic war. But Sigrid is unprepared for the new and improved Aarek, who has bonded with an alien parasite to become the Spider King.

Josh Vann – Writer
Simone D’Armini – Artist, Cover Artist
Simon Roy – Variant Cover Artist

We, along with the Vikings, get some more understanding of the Spider King. What he is and what he wants to do. It’s all looking pretty grim as Sigrid goes off on an assassination attempt, but things don’t go to plan as she finds a spider instead of a wolf! I like the way it has all been built up and the characters getting this understanding is really well done. Hrolf continues to be a fun character, and I like the reactions of those around him.
Things end on a grim note and it seems that there is not a lot left to do but die!
I really enjoy the art and the colouring – especially the text boxes – work really well!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe #21

Find out what became of the Triceratons after the Invasion! Will they get along with their new neighbors or become the first victims of a new villain?

Paul Allor – Writer
Mark Torres – Artist
Freddie Williams II – Cover Artist

“Lost Causes” follows on from the Triceratons arriving on Earth and their subsequent evacuation to the island of the Utroms. Things start badly, but there seems to be some common ground with some of them. Of course there are hotheads, and problems, so Donatello has been brought in to see things right.
The negotiating is tough going and there are some problems – with the more military minded ones, but something is brokered. Behind the scenes though, it seems there are some hardliners who want things to go badly…..

“How Woody Spent The Triceraton Invasion” is a funny quick moving short story of a pizza delivery during the battle. It’s a funny short giving a different look!

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