Fund Me Friday: Red Winter #1

Creator of Transdimensional Michael Gordon has a new comic project out now on Kickstarter


ELI WINTER is a former NYPD Detective in his mid-50’s, now living in Moscow, employed by the local crime boss NIKOLAI DUBROVSKY as a fixer/bag man/enforcer. Eli hates Moscow; it’s too cold, he can’t stand the food and he bristles at being Dubrovsky’s hired goon. But, if it wasn’t for Dubrovsky and his ‘Rasplata Rytsari’ (The Knights Reckoning) gang, Eli would be rotting in an American prison. So he owes the old Russian bastard.

The story picks up with Eli being enlisted to investigate the destruction of one of Dubrovsky’s meth labs; his men have been killed and all money/merchandise has been stolen. Eli likes this assignment as it makes him feel like a cop again. However, it is soon revealed that the murders were committed by Eli’s son Joseph. He came to Moscow with his friend Yuri, who was to vouch for him working for the ‘Chistyye Krovi’ (Pure Blood) gang, and the meth lab murders were Joseph’s initiation.

Now Dubrovsky’s gang will be out for blood and Joseph needs his estranged father’s help; he’s in way over his head. Eli makes the decision to protect his son against the vicious gang he works for, perhaps hoping to atone for his past sins.


Digital rewards?

From £2 you get a digital version of the comic – with tiers increasing with other rewards!

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