Review: Transylvanian Knights #1

10 years after the Vampire war, Transylvania is yet again under threat from Count Dracula. As General Van Helsing hunts down the Count, two weary circus performers stumble on to a secret that could change everything.

Coming from a love of old monster movies, James McCulloch and Jonny Cannon come together to take the classic characters, Count Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, the Wolfman and Van Helsing on a new adventure.

Writer: James McCulloch
Artist: Jonny Cannon
Cover Artists: Jonny Cannon, Gavin Boyle
Letters: Robin Jones
Editor: Pete Genepool

There’s a lot squeezed into this first issue. With the war against Dracula finished, there are those who think there is now peace. Of course, there are also those who wish to use it to their advantage too. This is where we find ourselves!

Van Helsing is a ‘retired’ general, still on the look ot for Dracula, and also ever aware of threats to the kingdom. The worse does happen and Van Helsing leaps into action – but is he going the wrong way?
We also get introduced to two new characters – circus performers, who seem to have a handle on the real threat to the kingdom….
We are wanting them to meet, but this doesn’t happen here, but the threat is real, and Van Helsing may ruin it in his misguided quest!

As I mentioned, there is quite a lot in this first issue, the status quo, the threat and the characters, but they all fit together nicely, and I’m looking forward to seeing where this all goes. I can see the pace slowing slightly in the second issue. The artwork is excellent and fits the story really well, again – a lot being squeezed in!

This is a good read, and a special mention to the front cover!

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