Reviews: Grimm Tales Of Terror & The Musketeers

Grimm Tales Of Terror #3 Volume 4 & The Musketeers #4

Some thoughts on two of this weeks digital comics from Zenescope Entertainment

Grimm Tales Of Terror #3 Volume 4

The tales of Route 66 and its phantom toll booth are of the stuff of legend. Four friends on their way to Spring Break are going to find out that sometimes there is horrifying truths to those stories.

Ben Meares – Writer
Eric Johnson – Cover Artist
Antonio Bifulco – Variant Cover Artist
Keith Garvey – Variant Cover Artist

Road trip!
This is a longer read, with a lot more going on! There is a really good twist to this one, and I really enjoyed it on reflection!
There is a phantom toll booth on Route ’66 and if you pay the toll you can go to Hell – that’s the set up, and we get the road trip of our young teens. Things go wrong for some, and some go right for others, it’s a very well told tale and deep and dark!

The Musketeers #4

Now that Merlin and Morgan’s true colors have been revealed, they won’t let the Musketeers stand in the way of their plans. The Musketeers are in for the fight of their lives– and their souls. Can they finally learn to work together as a team in time to save themselves, and the city of Philadelphia?

Terry Kavanagh – Writer
Drew Andrew Johnson – Cover Artist
Robert Atkins – Variant Cover Artist
Sergio Fernandez Davila – Variant Cover Artist
Mike Krome – Variant Cover Artist

Guns, Dragons, Police – and some cameos from GFT!
This was a on-stop issue, with a lot going on. Merlin has finally revealed his true plans, it’s a fight to keep him away from the artifact. This seems to have a link to Tarot (which ties it into the larger GFT Universe) and Merlin also seems to have some links to Shang. There are many references to past battles!
The Musketeers seem to be working now as a team, although there are still some kinks to work out, and they didn’t have a plan. Most of what they did worked on the fly, but not all of it!
That leads us nicely into the final issue as they chase Merlin!

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