Review: BaadFood #1

Building up to the upcoming Kickstarter for issue #2 – here are some comments on BaadFood #1

BaadFood is an off-kilter sci-fi comic series which follows two music obsessed standard-Homo Sapien twenty-somethings stuck in a government run “back-to-work” scheme. They are trying to find their way against the backdrop of a planet where machine intelligences, altered-Homo Sapiens, and an ageing population have taken all the best jobs.

Roy, Kev and Emma go to a DJ Drak gig, and Roy wins a mysterious prize for a lifetime’s supply of trainers…

Written; Nic Ho Chee
Pencils & Inks; Bong Dazo
Colours; Davi Comodo
Letters; Ken Reynolds
Cover; Tri Vuong

Getting me on board with “off-kilter sci-fi comic” I really enjoyed this read, with it’s quirky characters and brilliant settings. I like that vampires can be DJ’s and there are robots being just like us!
the two main characters really grow on you as the story continues, with the quest for some new special trainers. And that’s what it seems to be – a quest, as the getting the trainers – which seemed to be a sidethought at the beginning of the story, is made into something else (no spoilers)

I like how the story was told to make the extraordinary now ordinary and to be bland and expected by the characters.

The art is excellent, and the settings are really well done, with clubs, home life and the snow! The character intereactions are really well done, and they give a realPulp Fiction feel to the conversations that are being had – even nearly breaching ‘fair use’

This is a great Sci-Fi read and one that I am looing forward to seeing more of – and the world it’s in!

Originally funded and sold through Kickstarter, you can find BaadFood over at Etsy ( or through the series link at ComiXology ( now.


– Standard Cover: £5.00+P&P from Etsy, £2.49/$2.99 from ComiXology. Tri Vuong cover.

– Computer Game Cover: £10+P&P from Etsy. Limited to 500 copies, with a Keith Webb cover.

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