Review – Brigands: Ruin Of Thieves #2

Some thoughts on Brigands: Ruin of Thieves #2

Writer(s): Ram V
Artist Name(s): Sumit Kumar, ROSH

The past and the present collide as our Brigands attempt to find a way off the Island of Rekik, now under Krantali martial law. But an attack of conscience will turn an assassin into a revolutionary, and an act of rebellion into an act of war. Old lessons will be learned anew. The cost of freedom is paid in blood and so it must always be defended, especially in the darkest hour and against unlikely odds.

32 pgs./ M / FC                   $3.99 

Brigands: Ruin Of Thieves

Brigands: Ruin Of Thieves #2 features an interesting split this week. The first part is the most immediate – the escape from the Island of Rekik! This proves problematic, as the Brigands are running into a trap, with now good way out. This is dealt with in a violent and interesting way and helps to fan the flames of rebellion – literary!

The other part is the history of Waheda (the Count). This is a really interesting history, and well told. Weaved in between the main story, with the glimpses of history and the sacrifices her mother made. During the flashbacks we also see what else made Waheda, her time on ship and her training. Excellently done, and it makes her more sympathetic, especially with the slaves!

The flow of this story is amazing, as everything fits together, the race, the flashbacks, the trap, the reveal and the fire. Every character gets some time to shine, but this issue was all about Waheda, and that fits with the ending, and may have some ramifications for the future!

Amazing art!

From the first page to the last, the art is amazing! The scenes of the slavers, and the lead up to the ship, the training and the crew are brilliant. Then in the main story line there are some well shown panels, the huddle before the trap, the views in the trap itself and also the final battle scenes!
The colouring and shades of this story also add to the tension. This also adds to the main excitement of the end!



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