Reviews: Grimm Fairy Tales & Grimm Tales Of Terror

Some thoughts on this weeks comics from Zenescope Entertainment – Grimm Fairy Tales & Grimm Tales Of Terror

Grimm Fairy Tales #17

Fairy Tales tell stories of trolls lurking beneath bridges, ready to take unsuspecting travels to their doom. On a visit to New York, Skye learns the true story of trolls

Joe Brusha – Writer
Drew Andrew Johnson – Cover Artist

We get a bit of myth. Or perhaps it’s backstory to start this arc. Camelot is involved (of course) and fairies. of course there is a price, and the price to pay is horrible, but we probably expected that! Skye continues her research and the old myths make a good start – especially those involving Camelot…
At first I thought the Emperor would be the problem, but it seems that there is something more. Merlin seems to have a silver tongue and a way in getting people to do what he wants, and this is shown well here!
it’s an interesting story, with a couple of unexpected twists. I think there may be a way for Skye to sort things, but it doesn’t look good for the team. Shang in the field is always interesting!
A good cliffhanger too!

Grimm Tales Of Terror #4

The son of a famous mystic, charters an expedition into the heart of the Bermuda Triangle, hoping to prove once and for all that his father was right in his theories about the Lost Civilization of Atlantis.

Michael Gordon – Writer
Eric Johnson (EricJ) – Cover Artist
Gregbo Watson – Variant Cover Artist

It’s always nice to have a bit of nautical horror from Michael Gordon!
this is an interesting story, with a driven father adn a fabled land. Of course things aren’t what they seem – this is Grimm Tales of Terror. What we do get is a well paced story, with some interesting characters, I like the addition of the characters, it is done really well. The art brings along the story, and really gets into it’s own in the final third of the story.
This is really a story of three parts – the introduction, the quest and the payoff. A good payoff too, with something the reader may have suspected, and some clever hints.

An excellent addition to the tales of terror!

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