Reviews – Robyn Hood: The Curse & Grimm Fairy Tales: Dance Of The Dead

Robyn Hood: The Curse #5 & Grimm Fairy Tales: Dance Of The Dead #6

Some thoughts on two of the digital comics from Zenescope Entertainment out this week!

Robyn Hood: The Curse #5

It’s party time Aztec style! And that means things are going to get messy! The San Diego social event of the year is here and the world will never be the same. Robyn’s new boyfriend is the master of ceremonies and is going to make it rain blood on the city by the sea. And Marian makes a desperate move to free Sam from the grip of a horror beyond the stars. It’s all building toward the wildest climax you’ll see this year!

Chuck Dixon – Writer
Julius Abrera – Artist, Variant Cover Artist
Sean Chen – Cover Artist
Anthony Spay – Variant Cover Artist
Kevin McCoy – Variant Cover Artist

This issue has all you want in a penultimate issue. The race to the end – Robyn and Marian race to get to Robyn’s ‘boyfriend’ but there are problems. The least of these are the traffic problems. I like the build up to all of this and it looks like we’ve really got some big bad problems for the final issue!
The suspense is really well done, and Marian’s reaction are really well done. There’s also the problem of Sam too, and that adds some interesting aspects for the final issue!

Grimm Fairy Tales: Dance Of The Dead #6

FINAL ISSUE! It’s here! The final stand of the unlikely group of Jasmine, Mystere and Bakur is underway. After nearly surviving everything the Shadowlands has thrown at them, they have finally made it to Jasmine’s room within the Tower. With escape in their grasps, one final roadblock is revealed, rocketing this team along to a deadly conclusion. Don’t miss this heart pounding final issue!

Anne Toole – Writer
Edgar Salazar – Cover Artist

Completing this adventure, and linking up nicely to the larger Order Of The Tarot storyline. Jasmine, Mystere and Bakur are an interesting team and Mystere’s problems with her powers make it doubly interesting. These get wrapped up well, as do the problems with Jasmine. I like the character of Bakur and wonder if he is going to play a larger part to the main story….

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