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The comiXology exclusive Savage Game, Justice League #1, Spidey: School's Out #1 and more new comics available now

Here are the latest digital comics, collections, digital exclusives and sales on comiXology – including the digital specials Savage Game and Cloak & Dagger, issue #1 of Justice League and book 2 of Strong Female Protagonist!

Savage Game What happens when a rogue titan of Silicon Valley creates his own island nation with no laws to hold him back? You get the Savage Game.
New Releases
The Walking Dead #180
Justice League (2018-) #1
Spidey: School’s Out (2018) (comiXology Originals) #1 (of 6)
Brother Nash #1
Doctor Who: The Seventh Doctor #1: Operation Volcano
100 Demon Dialogues
Garfield: Homecoming #1
Prism Stalker #4
The Unexpected (2018-) #1
Ant-Man & The Wasp (2018) #1 (of 5)
Red Sonja/Tarzan #2
Medieval Spawn and Witchblade #2
New Issue! Paper Girls #21
Can anyone escape fate? That’s what Mac and her fellow newspaper delivery girls must discover as they break free from the year 2000 and travel to our distant future!
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Graphic Novels & Collections
Strong Female Protagonist, Book Two
No. 1 With A Bullet
Athena Voltaire and the Sorcerer Pope Vol. 1
Battle Angel Alita: Mars Chronicle Vol. 3
New Graphic Novel! Lady Mechanika finds solace in a remote Mexican village where locals share their Día de los Muertos traditions. But tragedy strikes again when the festivities are interrupted by the Jinetes del Infierno. Plus, read *100 Demon Dialogues*, *Carbon #2* and more indie new releases now! See All
Digital Firsts
Cloak And Dagger (2018) #1 (of 6)
Carbon #2
Task Force Rad Squad #6
Injustice 2 (2017-) #61
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Preview – Judge Dredd: Control

July 7, 2020 Michael Nimmo 0

Out this week, the collection of Judge Dredd’s battle with SJS Judge Pin. CREATIVE TEAM: Rob Williams, Chris Weston (w) Chris Weston, (a) Dylan Teague, Chris Blythe, Mike Dowling (c) Annie Parkhouse (l) RELEASE DATE:  Digital […]

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