Reviews: Grimm Tales Of Terror & The Musketeers

Some thoughts on two of this weeks digital comics from Zenescope Entertainment – Grimm Tales Of Terror #5 & The Musketeers #5

The Musketeers #5

The Musketeers have been defeated by Merlin and Morgan, and are on the brink of death. Will help arrive in time to save them, the city of Philadelphia, and the world at large…? One of the Musketeers pays the ultimate price!

The Musketeers

The final part of this mini series and it does contain some bangs! This is the final boss battle as Merlin has gained the power he wants and is going to remake the universe as he wants it. That doesn’t mean there isn’t any hope though, Shang and The Musketeers have a plan…
Well, Shang has a plan, but The Musketeers are all along for the ride! What we then get is a travel through time as The Musketeers travel, collecting weapons to help them face an all-powerful Merlin!
It does all come together through. The Musketeers learn some valuable lessons, and there is an ending of sorts. Merlin gets what is coming to him, and things still continue to build for the main Tarot story. A good finish!


Grimm Tales Of Terror Volume 4 #5

Hired to work in the kitchen of an upscale restaurant for the city’s elite, a young man is dragged into a world he’s barely ever glimpsed? in more ways than one!

I think the front cover kind of gives the game away in this one! Imagine a high class restaurant, with high class clients. The best food and a new chef! Jake is the new boy in town, and he has a lot of learning to do. There is a lot of buildup in this issue, with a larger cast of characters than normal for one of these stories. It feels like a longer read than most, and the deepness of it all is very well done. As is the art for this issue. There are some aspects that keep you guessing, especially a part near the end, that I didn’t see coming.

But, man, that pun at the end…..

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