Reviews – Robyn Hood: The Curse & Jasmine: Crown Of Kings

Some thoughts on this weeks digital comics – including Robyn Hood: The Curse #6 and Jasmine: Crown of Kings #3

Robyn Hood #6: The Curse

A darkness falls over the billionaire’s mega-party and everyone who falls beneath its shadow will die! A nightmare god from the ancient past shows up in San Diego to judge every living soul. And the news is NOT good. Robyn and her bow may be the only thing that stands between civilization as we know and a world ruled by an angry deity with an appetite for human flesh. And Marian succeeds in freeing Sam from her curse. Or has she?
The Curse
The final part of this mini-series kicks off with the arrival of Quetzalcoatl and you can see he is an entity that is thankful to his servant for bringing him to the world. A funny moment, that I thought was going to happen!
Robyn and Marian can only do what they are used to – arrows and magic!
The arrows don’t seem to do much, but cause a diversion, and the magic….well….
Sam arrives – well, not really Sam, but the demon inhabiting her body – and things really get ramped up with some godzilla type building destruction. Marian makes the ultimate sacrifice, and things are ended. I can see the items left hanging being something in the future though!

Jasmin: Crown Of Kings #3

Jasmine races against terrorist group, The Forty Thieves, to collect the shattered pieces of the Crown of Kings. As time is running out to acquire this object that haunts her past, she must hurry to stop it from unleashing an unearthly power on the world and all she holds dear.
Jasmine and Ali get into each others heads. we get a good battle between the two and a look into the series’s big bad at this mid way point of the story. It’s an interesting one with some excellent art. The method of the two finding out about each other is interesting. I like the the guardians of the earth part of the crown. very Swamp Thing!
Things look to go up a higher gear for the next issue!
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