Coming Soon To ComicHaus: 32 Kills, Close, City Of Lost Souls, Lizard Men & More

Comichaus have released some sneak looks at their latest own-branded comics that are coming soon.

Along with that they also have some news on the Comichaus anthology

As some of you may know we have been merrily releasing an anthology of story arcs for a while now. Featuring the latest up and coming indie creators, with covers by established artist legends.

As of Issue 11 we are changing things up a bit. Continuing anthologies have always been a bit tough, a big commitment for your indie consumer and a crazy amount of work for the Comichaus team.

So with that in mind every issue of the Comichaus anthology will now be full of complete one shot stories. The second parts of our existing stories (including Chalk, Karyn Shade and The Troubleshooters) will be finished off and published over the coming months as complete trade editions.


Issue 11 features:


Script: Mark Mccann

Art: Adam Brown

Letters: Jones

Taste of Freedom’

Script: Gary Chudleigh

Art/letters: Ell Balson


Script: George Fredericks

Art: Anna Morozova

Letters: Anna Morozova

Anna is the winner of the 2018 University of Dundee Competition

World War II Cadavers’

Script: Matt Hardy

Art: Ed Bentley

Letters: Rob Jones

There Was an Old Lady..’

Script: Sam Gardner Jr

Art: Jake Rowlinson

Letters: Ken Reynolds

Blasphemy’ Pin Up by Monty Nero

32 Kills

Writer: Mike Garley

Artist: Andy Clift

Letters: Mike Stock

Cover Artist: Darick Robertson

Cover Colour: Nathan Ashworth

A character-driven high-octane noir tale of manipulation, loyalty and revenge….

Hardly a word spoken in 30 Pages. 233 panels. And 32 Kills…

Coming September 22nd 2018

Launch at Thought Bubble and MCM Scotland


Writer: Chris Sides

Artist: Chris Travell

Letters: Ken Reynolds

Cover Artist: Colin Lorimer

Jared Close rejoins society after six months in prison with a restraining order against celebrity starlet Kerry Amos. To celebrate, he goes back to the only thing he’s been thinking about each night as the cell lights go out.

Stalking the object of his obsession.

Events take a dark turn as Jared goes from voyeur to witness and finds himself on the run as the prime suspect

Coming September 22nd – Launch at Thought Bubble

‘A good thriller subverts expectations often; this story does exactly that’ – Tony Esmon

City of Lost Souls

The award-winning series concludes!

Writer: James McCulloch

Artist: Janine Van Moosel

Serial killer Matt Jordan kills his final victim before killing himself… but death is not the end. He wakes up to find himself in his own personal hell surrounded by the people he killed. Freed by Soul Collector, Soku, he discovers the only way he can live in an afterlife free from his victims is to find the mythical City of Lost Souls.  

Winner Yancy Street awards Best Horror Comic 2018

Coming in September 2018

Lizard Men

Our critically-acclaimed 6 issue mini-series continues

with issue 3!

Writer: Steve Horry

Artist: Catia Fantini

Colour: Chiara Bonacini

Letters: Ken Reynolds

Editor: Mira Manga

Riding a tidal wave of optimism, your new favourite singer is Prime Minister of Great Britain. Events turn even more unlikely when he and his plans for change meet the shapeshifting lizard people that really *are* in charge of the world…

Coming September 22nd 2018

Launch at Thought Bubble


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