Reviews: Grimm Fairy Tales & Paradise Court

Some thoughts on this weeks comics from Zenescope Entertainment – From miniseries Paradise Court #3 and Grimm Fairy Tales #20

Paradise Court #3

How do you really know the person living next-door isn’t some kind of maniac serial killer? How do you know the neighbor across the street isn’t watching you and planning to do you harm? You never really can be too sure about the people living around you and as Amy Smith is learning, that’s truer in Paradise Court than maybe anywhere else in the world.

Joe Brusha – Writer
Riveiro – Cover Artist
Allan Otero – Variant Cover Artist
Harvey Talibao – Variant Cover Artist

Amy is going more Scooby-Doo in this issue. More investigation, and although originally she seems to come up against a lot of red tape, it does seem she is getting somewhere. I enjoyed the suspense in this issue. There are some really good moments as Amy is investigating. It seems that Amy is going to be the ‘final girl’ in this story, but how we get there is still slightly unknown. The build up is getting really good, and we are at the midway point in this mini series, so we should start getting some answers to all the clues we have been getting. Is the answer really as obvious as it seems, or is there something more?

Grimm Fairy Tales #20

Hired to work in the kitchen of an upscale restaurant for the city’s elite, a young man is dragged into a world he’s barely ever glimpsed? in more ways than one!

Joe Brusha – Writer
Edgar Salazar – Cover Artist
Harvey Tolibao – Variant Cover Artist
Jay Anacleto – Variant Cover Artist
Canaan White – Variant Cover Artist

Merlin and the Knight’s fight against the Black Knight seems to be going their way. Just as the final blow is struck, she is taken away…
This was an interesting twist
Shang, on the other hand is on a fact finding mission to discover more about Merlin and Camelot. There is some interesting comments here, including some Grail lore!
Skye’s mission looks into more about her sword, and while we do find out more about Zodiac mentioned on the cover, I am more interested in the rescuer of the Black Knight. Merlin seems to be getting things all his own way, but I have a feeling there is some betrayal to come!
This was a good connecting issue, continuing the story and adding some more information for the characters and readers!

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