Reviews: Revenge Of Wonderland & Grimm Tales Of Terror

Some thoughts on mini series Revenge Of Wonderland #3 and Grimm Tales Of Terror #7 out this week from Zenescope Entertainment.

Revenge Of Wonderland #3

Again journey to the realm of dreams gone mad to save her daughter from the diabolical clutches of the Duchess. But the Duchess isn’t the only being standing in Callie’s way as Wonderland is only more than happy to show her that its’ revenge…is only beginning.

Raven Gregory – Writer
Igor Vitorino – Cover Artist
Edgar Salazar – Variant Cover Artist
Allan Otero – Variant Cover Artist
Kevin McCoy – Variant Cover Artist


We’re at the midway point in this pretty crazy miniseries. There are some nice flashbacks to the previous adventures with Wonderland at the beginning of the issue. There is also a nice use of the annoying narration voice which may or may not be in Callie’s head! Meanwhile Callie’s daughter gets an origin of her own with the Duchess telling how she came to be where she is now! The origin of the Duchess is quite interesting, as is her reaction to being asked about her family – there may be hope for her yet. Callie has her own problems though, and it will be interesting to see how she gets out of this one.
This was a strong issue, and a good midway point!

Grimm Tales Of Terror #7

During the summer of 1988, a group of childhood friends in a small suburban town becomes obsessed with playing a brand new arcade game called Polybius. Several years later all but one of the friends has committed suicide. Meanwhile, nobody in the town can recall Polybius having ever existed. Now, the lone survivor of the group seeks to track down the arcade game in an attempt to find out what drove his friends to take their own lives. But his search may very well uncover something more terrifying than he could have ever imagined.

Ralph Tedesco – Writer
Eric Johnson (EricJ) – Cover Artist
Daniel Leister – Variant Cover Artist
Derlis Santacruz – Variant Cover Artist

This was an interesting story. There’s a lot of flashback, but it’s well told and until the end you’re not sure where it’s going. I like the way everything links up at the end, with a nice twist in the tale. I’d never heard of the urban legend, so I didn’t know anything about it. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the story though!


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