Reviews: Eden, Tinseltown & Zero Jumper

Some thoughts on this weeks digital comics from Alterna Comics – including Eden #2, Tinseltown #4 & Zero Jumper #4 – check them out!


(W/A) Patrick Mulholland

$1.50, 32 pgs, Sci-Fi Action, Full Color, 12+

The end is near for Juno as she must travel to the center of the galaxy in hopes of writing an unspeakable wrong. The power to reset the timeline and save humanity is within her grasp, but to do so, she must face the greatest threat she’s ever known.

Juno’s adventure comes to an end. It carries on the theme of the all action from previous issues. The bright panels and well done action really add to this story. Time travel is a tough one, it can be confusing if you include paradoxes and the like. Luckily this manages to work it round without thinking too much about what’s going on.
IO continues to be the constant, and the finish works really well. There wasn’t a big villain reveal, which works out well too, as I think that would have added too much to the mini series!


(W) David Lucarelli

(A) Henry Ponciano

(L) HdE

$1.50, 32 pgs, Crime/Action/Noir, Full Color, 12+

Abigail and Tennessee Dan go undercover in “No Man’s Land” looking for Abigail’s missing friend. With danger around every corner, the duo stumble onto something sinister and get in more trouble than they bargained for.

The penultimate part of Tinseltown lays it all out there and builds up well to the final issue. We get some undercover work by a fake cop in a place where cops don’t go. Things don’t go well for Abigail, but luckily she has some help. There’s a lot of plot squeezed into this issue, and I like the way it was all laid out. There are some good links to Abigail’s past, and Dan gets time to shine. This was the strongest issue yet!

EDEN #2 of 4

(W/A) Eric Henson

(I) Michael Babinski, Robert Doan

(I) Steven Oaks, Ross Hughes

(L) Robert Doan

$1.50, 32 pgs, Sci-Fi Adventure, Full Color, 12+

Exhausted and frustrated, Neriah’s team wades through a forbidden swampland desperately searching for her son. But when the team is forced to confront one of their deadliest foes, can they put aside their differences long enough to survive?

We get some background of earth and Neriah. It’s well done and pretty bleak. But there is hope, and Neriah is the first to Eden. She’s lost her son though and this is her quest…
We know the son is alive, and there is some dark lord who is after their power. It’s an interesting hook and there is surely more information to come. The final third of this issue is an excellent action sequence, which has some very good parts, interspersed with a rescue which fairs badly.

I’m looking forward to #3

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