Reviews: Revenge Of Wonderland & Grimm Fairy Tales

Some thoughts on this weeks digital comics from Zenescope Entertainment – Revenge Of Wonderland #4 and Grimm Fairy Tales #22

Revenge Of Wonderland #4

As vast changes spread and wreak havoc in the world of dreams, Calie comes face-to-face with the latest incarnation of one of Wonderland’s most twisted denizens ever created by the realm of madness…the new and improved caterpillar. Meanwhile, an imprisoned Violet learns first-hand what the Duchess and Wonderland really want and the truth of what they are after may very well drive Violet insane.

Raven Gregory – Writer
Sean Chen – Cover Artist
Igor Vitorino – Variant Cover Artist
Ula Mos – Variant Cover Artist
Jason Metcalf – Variant Cover Artist

We’re on the home straight here and things are finally slotting together. The final page gets them all together, but Callie is on the back foot. This issue is mainly Callie. She’s dealing with another twist by Wonderland. This time it features the head of a serial killer. This must have some thing towards the end of it all. I’m interested to see how Callie’s help against the killer links into the end (if she does)

Violet, on the other hand, has other things on her mind. In this case it’s the Duchess. What does she want with Violet’s brain. A specific part!? I like this way this is all building up, and I’m interested to see what the end plan of the Duchess is!

Grimm Fairy Tales #22

Of all the fabled swords of legend, none hold more power or mystery than Excalibur. Now, Skye Mathers will learn her connection to the legendary sword once wielded by King Arthur, when she falls under the spell of the magical and deadly Lady of the Lake.

Joe Brusha – Writer
Netho Diaz – Cover Artist
Igor Vitorino – Variant Cover Artist
Sheldon Goh – Variant Cover Artist
Mike Krome – Variant Cover Artist

We kick off with Skye continuing her fight against Zodiac. Although she’s doing well, she’s been teleported to Camelot. It’s good to see that she’s knows when to get away too!

Black Knight also has trouble of her own. Her and her new friend have found the barrier around Camelot. The problem being is that the rest of the Knights have found them. They manage to escape, but they aren’t out of the words yet! Their mission continues, and Puck continues to be mysterious.

Skye seems to get some help and that all makes her a force to be reckoned with. She’s going to need it as the end shows us what Merlin’s game plan.

This is going to be interesting!!

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